For Dentists

Referral Promise

An initial consultation is conducted to understand the current situation and outcomes required. If necessary radiographs, dental photography, a CBCT 3D scan* or OPG x-ray* are taken. (*additional fees applicable).

The patient receives treatment plan options and has time to understand them. Once the treatment plan is agreed they receive a copy along with the estimated costs.

The referring dentist is copied into communications at all stages of the process and treatment only commences with their agreement.

The patient and referring dentist are pleased with the outcome.

Most importantly, at the end of the treatment the patient is discharged.

Referral Process

  1. Patient referred using enclosed form, online form or postal address
  2. Referral received and acknowledged
  3. Patient receives thorough initial assessment and diagnosis
  4. Treatment plan options, inc estimated costs, presented to patient
  5. Patient's understanding clarified/queries responded to
  6. Bespoke treatment plan agreed with patient and referring dentist
  7. Updates on any ongoing treatment (if required) provided
  8. Patient discharged on completion of treatment